Rockin’ a Designer Onesie

Our friend from Indy, Jenny, made Natalie this adorable onesie.  Its her first designer outfit.  Doesn’t she look great?

I'm ready for the red carpet! Thanks Jenny!

Um, Dad... this isn't my best angle. You can totally tell that I've been drinking a lot of milk lately.

I hope she doesn’t get used to designer clothes, as I’m not creative enough to make much more than puffy paint t-shirts (which her Aunt Stephanie is great at and I very much appreciate!), and I didn’t learn what Prada was until well after college.  Luckily, the flower is detachable, so you may or may not see the flower on larger onesies – or, possibly, a sweater she wears to kindergarten! 

Jenny has a blog and is beginning to sell some of her awesome jewelry and accessories on her own too.  Jordan got me a necklace for Christmas.  And I got his mom one for Christmas too!  I strongly encourage you to check out her website,  Here’s a peek at what you might find….

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  1. Awww she looks like a natural born model!! LOVE IT! Thanks for the shout-out and love. Next she needs a headband. I’m so on it.

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