The Packers Good Luck Charm

So, Natalie is the Packers good luck charm!  They won every game she has ever watched – with the exception of the Patriots game on Dec. 19.  However, you have to give her a break – she had a tough journey that day and didn’t have extra energy to cheer for the Pack.  We don’t blame her.  When Natalie first wore her Packers onesie (courtesy of Grandma and Great Aunt Lisa), it was huge on her – perhaps, this picture shows it.

Come on... its cool to double roll your sleeves. Didn't you know that?!?

However, after 5-6 weeks and about 50 meals, she has filled it out quite well!

Go Pack Go! Geez, does this onesie feel a bit tight to anyone else?

We made the voyage to Green Bay to watch the game with my family.  It was a weekend of many firsts – new state, long car ride (it took 4.5 hours, instead of 3.25 due to needing to stop for Natalie to eat), night away from home (though G&G have the exact same crib as we do at home, which eased the transition), and meeting great grandparents.

Natalie is very lucky to have 4 great grandmas!  For any of you who know Grandma Mary (lady on the right), you know that she has a mind of her own.  For a bunch of pics, we had trouble getting her to take her eyes off of Natalie long enough to snap a photo.  Then, once we finally did, Grandma Jean got sidetracked – as is caught on this photo.  Hopefully my dad has a better version of this special picture!  We are hoping to get a similar pic of Natalie’s Mammaw and Grandma Vonda on the other side of the fam.

Enough pictures already! If my Great Grandmas would look at the camera, we could get back to our cuddling!

Although we knew our family would love Natalie, its been amazing to watch how much joy she brings everyone…. and how she can convince anyone to play with her.   


Grandpa, can you say "Baa"? Whoops - did I just let out a little toot? Funny how those slip out...

What my mom left to go out for pizza?!? I had so much fun with Auntie Becky, I didn't even notice. Can you come over next Saturday?

We watched the game at my sister Becky’s house.  As you can see, Natalie was quite upset at half time – the Pack seemed to be losing momentum.  (Though, doesn’t she look great in that adorable jersey – thanks Patty!!!!)

Rodgers is on fire tonight, yet the receivers keep on dropping good throws. Come on boys!

Yet, thankfully, the Pack came back!  Now, our Green Bay family is rooting for the Pack to go to the Super Bowl in 2012 – in Indy!

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