Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had such a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Natalie was very lucky to have many valentines.  She got cards from all around the country – from WI (Grandpa & Grandma) to NC (Nana and Pop) to CO (little Jackson who is just a couple weeks older than Natalie and the son of our friends from Kellogg). 

We also had many valentines visit!  Our ND friends, Megan and Molly, stopped by with a vday package!  It was filled with cookies, as Megan and Molly are Steelers fans and needed to bring over 2 dozen delicious chocolate chip cookies, as part of a bet we had going.  That’s my kind of betting.  Natalie slept almost the entire time, so I tried to wake Natalie up for a few photos.  As you can see, I had limited success.

Wow - is this baby next to me really 3 months older than me? Either, I eat too much, or she exercises a lot more than me!

Come on, Mom... what are you doing?

After seeing the photos, can you guess who is older?  Or who weighs more?  Molly is 5 months, but weighing in at less than 13 lbs (10th percentile).  Natalie is less than 2 months, but I’m guessing she is at least 13 lbs (probably 80th or 90th percentile).  At this rate, Natalie will be sharing the clothes she outgrows with Molly – rather than the other way around!

Then, our friend Kelly (my cousin Tim’s amazing girlfriend) came over to watch Natalie, while Jordan and I went out to dinner!  Kelly is a baby lover/whisperer, and every time she comes over, Natalie cannot help but fall asleep on her. 

Kelly, can you come with us on our trip to FL in two weeks, so that I sleep on the plane the whole way? You are just so cozy! No wonder my big cousin Tim likes you so much!

Thanks for coming over, Kelly!  It was awesome to have a date night!  Towards the end of the date, Jordan couldn’t help but talk about Natalie – nonstop.  It was clear that he missed his other favorite valentine.  Who can blame him?  Isn’t she irresistible?

I love Valentine's Day!

For those of you who are impressed that she stayed in the same outfit all day (isn’t the onesie adorable? – thanks Aunt Stephanie!), don’t be.  After less than an hour in it, she peed on it when I was changing her diaper.  Not to be deterred… I washed it and we were good to go by noon!

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