Beach Baby

Nana bought Natalie an adorable sun hat and sunglasses.  Given that they live 2 blocks from the beach, we thought Natalie would get a lot of use out of these. 

First attempt.  Stroller ride.  Lasted 1 block before crying.  (To Natalie’s credit, we encountered a lot of wind and sun.  You’d think she’d be used to the wind, but we haven’t left the condo much this winter – and this FL wind carried sand with it.  As for the sun, well, we live in Chicago – that was new to her!  We also ran into her great-grandparents on the walk, so six adults were staring at her – that’s enough to make anyone nervous!)

Let's hit the beach... wait, what's a beach?

Second attempt.  We took her to the pool.  That lasted 30 seconds – just long enough to take this photo.  Once again, the wind thwarted our attempt.  And the water was pretty cold.

I love my bloomers! (Thanks, Aunt Ann.) But, whoa - these chubby white thighs have never seen the light of day. I need to work on my tan!

I knew it - my dad's a dork. I'm probably in for many more years of this type of dorkiness, huh?

So, although we didn’t get quite as much use out of the cute hat as one would have thought, Natalie is sure to wear it a lot this summer in Evanston!  As for not making it to the ocean, I suspect that our next visit will be very different… she will love playing in the sand next time and one day, collecting seashells.  Boy, these kids get big FAST. (At least, that’s what everyone tells us, and we’ve already seen so many changes in our little Natalie!)

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