First plane ride

We are in Florida, visiting the family and in particular, Natalie Ann’s favorite great aunts, Aunt Ann. The car ride to the airport required two stops and someone in the backseat to shade the sun from the princess’s eyes, but she was a champ on the flight. And Erin was a champ feeding her, holding her and keeping her happy.

I was nervous from the onset when we asked our row mate if she would trade Erin the window seat for the aisle so that Erin could nurse discreetly. “No, I need the window.” Seriously lady?! Fortunately, the kind people in the next row gladly traded.

The plane temperature also steadily rose throughout until we felt like we were sitting in a sauna. You can see Natalie’s progression below, from bundled up smiley baby to sweaty fat guy in a skinny coat. She was in just a diaper by the end. But we are all at Nana and Pop’s now and having a great time in Florida!



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3 Responses to First plane ride

  1. Becky Marx says:

    Oh! My chunky little Natalie looks so cute and chunky!

  2. Sarah Phipps says:

    I did not know that I could reply to your postings until now…where have I been?! This is hilarious even though I am sure being hot was miserable. Natalie was such a trooper and I want to eat her.

  3. Becky Marx says:

    These are some of my favorite pictures of my chunky little Natalie. I dont think Trevor will ever be that chunky (unf.)

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