Daddy Daughter Day

Last Saturday, Erin was out of the house getting things done for most of the day, so Natalie and I got some great quality time together.  It was great!  Mornings are definitely her time to shine, as she is nothing but smiles and wiggles and cute noises.  She can be a little tougher in the afternoon or evening, but Saturday was not too bad.  She is getting better at going down for her naps, and has finally taken to a pacifier (aka binky, nook, etc) which is nice.

I love Mommy, but man, this Daddy guy is crazy fun!!!

I also gave her a bath, and she didn’t cry or make a squeal once.  She also didn’t pee all over the place when I put her in or took her out, so that was much appreciated.

Umm, a little privacy please? This picture better be waist up.

Why would you ever NOT have a hood on your towel?

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4 Responses to Daddy Daughter Day

  1. Becky Marx says:

    This is my favorite website EVER! She should get her own reality tv. show. There would be TONS of followers.

  2. Bridget says:

    Go Jordan, Go! Natalie is so cute and it sounds like you and Erin are doing an awesome job as parents. No surprise there! Hope to see you guys and meet Natalie soon!!!

  3. Jordan says:

    Thank Bridget! As you may know, it’s easy to create the perfect picture on a blog….maybe I’ll get some video of a crying tantrum and post it sometime.

    Becky….you crack me up 🙂

  4. sara says:

    She is too cute. Good work, Dad, on giving Mom some Erin time 🙂

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