Happy (belated) 3-months, Natalie!

This post is a little late, but on March 19, Natalie had her 3 month birthday.  She’s getting so old!  And so big.  Unfortunately, I don’t have height and weight stats since we haven’t been to the doctor for awhile, but here’s my best guesses and some other details

I am four trimesters old!!!

Weight / Height: 18 lbs, 1 oz / 26 inches.  She is still wearing some 6-9 month onesies, but they are snugger than they were last month.  Generally, the 9 mos clothing fits great except for the fact that we have to roll up the sleeves and pants!

Who does she look like? Definitely has my eye shape, but they have turned to Erin’s color which is sort of greenish-blue.  She also has really beautiful skin, like Erin.

Personality: “Spirited.”  This is what one of our baby books calls infants who are really sweet but definitely let you know when they are not happy.  She still really likes to be held and promptly lets you know if putting her down is not an acceptable option at that moment.

Favorite Toys/Games: Natalie has made huge strides in the last 2 weeks with standing.  If you hold her under the armpits, she can “stand” on her own for about 10 seconds and seems to enjoy it.  She is not very interested in sitting up.  She is a champ of tummy time.  She’ll lift her head and feet both two inches off the ground and hold it like a yoga instructor…usually followed by spitting up.

As far as toys, she still loves her books and is read to often.  Rattles and noises seem to be getting more interesting, too, though she still can’t purposely grab anything.  We bought her a rubber giraffe named Sophie, and sometimes she inadvertently gets it in her mouth but it’s like, “Hey, who put this giraffe in my mouth?!”

How do I look on this leopard print throw?

Big Accomplishments: She has also recently become much more aware of noises.  If you shake a rattle somewhere outside her line of vision, she will often look over in that direction which is new.  And then if you move it around, she’ll track it in every direction with her eyes.  She has the concentration of a jedi.

And sleeping continues to improve.  She goes to bed around 6:30pm and usually wakes up once in the night around 3 or 4am, but we’ve had a few 12 hour nights which is crazy!  I think Erin is a little disoriented when she wakes up on her own accord!

Funniest Moment: I think my favorite was when we tried out a “bumbo seat,” which is a little molded foam seat for babies to sit in when they can’t stand up.  However, the leg holes were not big enough to accommodate Natalie’s chunky little thighs, so she felt claustrophobic and freaked out.  When we lifted her up, the whole seat came long with her!  Enjoy this picture while you can – Erin may make me delete it.  🙂

Get me outta this thing!!!

Move to Evanston Auntie Rachel!

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2 Responses to Happy (belated) 3-months, Natalie!

  1. Erin says:

    Oh my goodness – the bumbo pic is the most unflattering ever. I won’t make you delete it, but beware… Natalie will probably show retribution by spitting up all over you! (I’m not sure if show was the right verb to use there, but you get my drift…)

  2. Becky says:

    That is SOOOOOOOOO funny she couldnt sit in that seat! I love natalie!!!

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