Bye, Bye Swing

Little Natalie is definitely not as little as she used to be.  Not only are her 20 lbs. testing the durability of her favorite swing, but her squirmy curiousity has led us to pack up her swing.  (And, the fact that we’re showing the condo, as we’re trying to sell, and Jordan really wants it packed up).  Here are comparisons…

Hehe... its time to play!

Here I am at approx. 2 mo! This used to be one of my fav places to sleep!


Its 7:15 p.m. and my mom says I'm supposed to be sleeping right now! Yeah right, Mom.

This swing is heaven – I highly recommend it to any new moms (Graco Sweet Peace Soother Swing, Cuddly Bear).  Natalie spent many hours sleeping, being soothed, looking outside the window, playing “I’ve got your (fill in the body part), singing and listening to music in this swing.  Thanks again to the Coders (Dina’s cousins) for loaning it to us!

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