Natalie’s Day Off – A Big Adventure into Downtown Chicago

On Wednesday, Natalie and I ventured downtown to see Daddy for lunch.  Not only did we get to see Daddy mid-day (HUGE bonus, as Jordan has been working a lot lately!), but it was Natalie’s first train ride and first time in downtown Chicago. 

We made many friends along the way – some young girls who were headed to Navy Pier with their Daddy, a mom whose kids were grown, some pretty tough looking guys at the gyro store who were all smiles and helped us navigate the crowded store.   However, surprisingly, not everyone is that helpful to a mom and a baby in a stroller, which is pretty sad.

Yeah, Daddy, give me that french fry!!! (Note, he didn't really)

Door-to-door, the trip was 3.5 hours.  Natalie was EXHAUSTED and didn’t sleep at any point during the outing.  When we got home, she crashed for nearly 2 hours – only to wake up to eat (b/c, of course, she was starving – I never feed that kid!) and then fall asleep while eating.  She was ready to go back to bed for the night, about 1.5 hours later (only 5:30!)… but I tried to keep her up for 2 hours (at least until 6 p.m.!)   I made the mistake of trying to feed her (barley and oat cereal – yum) during this tired period… she was trying so hard to eat (opening up her mouth wide), but everything was just spit back out.  Too much energy to swallow.  Sweet girl.

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