Happy 7 Months, Natalie!

Natalie is 7 months!  I’m writing as she’s already down for her first nap of the day (reliably, 2 hours after she’s woken up – without so much as a yawn.)  I’ve been resisting saying it, but time really does fly by.  She continues to turn into a little girl, instead of a baby.  She is the best, and we are so fortunate to have her in our lives!

Sitting up in this chair is a piece of cake. Hey, cake - when do I get to try that stuff?

Weight/Height: No update here, but definitely above 20 lbs.  I call her “dense”.  She’s hard to hold for long periods of time!  She usually wears 12 mo clothes, though she can fit in 9 mo and her swimsuit is an 18-month one.

Developmental Milestones:  This girl is nearly on the move!  She started sitting up nearly a month ago, which makes things so much easier.  On Thurs 7/14, she had her first rollover – from her tummy, over her left shoulder and onto her back.  No other directions yet, unless assisted.  (Nana, Pop, Mammaw and Pappaw saw this first – they were watching her while I was downtown for the day.) 

Shh - I'm concentrating

Almost there!

She also got in her bottom front two teeth just in late June.  She can also push down the toys on the pop-up toy, which is cool! 

Foods: As the pictures show, this girl likes to eat!  She has been very good about trying new foods.  Even if a new food makes her shudder, she eagerly goes back for another bit.  In (approximate order), we’ve tried: rice cereal, sweet potatoes, oat cereal, barley cereal, green beans, prunes (we were going to wait on fruits, but she was extremely constipated), green peas, yellow squash (HOMEMADE – yes, finally!).  I’ve also let her munch on a big chunk of lettuce, but its only b/c its not going anywhere and she sees me eating that alot.

Favorite Activities:  Bath time (splish splash!). Playing in the water or sand.  Swinging at the park. 

Mammaw, am I wearing you out?!? May I recommend 3 naps a day? It really helps keep you full of energy for all these play times!

Her bouncey gym.  Walking (with assistance). 

Nana's got my back!

Bouncing (with assistance).  Smiling.  Brushing teeth.

Practicing good oral hygiene is delicious! My toothpaste is fruit-flavored! Have you brushed and flossed your teeth yet today?

Watching other people, esp. older kids and pretty girls.  Playing silly games with Daddy and laughing hysterically. 

(Giggle, giggle, giggle... way more giggles with Daddy than with Mommy!)

Singing silly songs, esp. Pumpkin, Pumpkin.  Hanging out with Friends – especially with her shirt off. (Jordan’s hypothesis is that she gets so excited, that she gets too warm.)

Molly, aren't daddy's the best?!?! I hear these dads are really good at "Cups" too!

For the record, that is (flip) cups the drinking game, not the stacking cups that Molly and Natalie each have.  (Jordan, Jeff, Megan and I all went to ND together.)

Unique Traits: She is totally into crinkling up her nose, which is so adorable.  I’ve also neglected to blog about her strawberry patch on her wrist.  Although its been slightly increasing in size and color intensity since birth, it should disappear by the time she is 2 or 5 (the docs have told me both).

I love staring at my colorful strawberry mark - its an accessory, like my arm bracelets!

Happy 7 Months, Natalie!  We love you so much and are so thankful for the joy you bring to so many people – us most of all!

Yeah - 7 mo! I hope my 7th month is just as fun as the first six!

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