We had a fantastic time Up Nort’!

We just got home from a wonderful trip to northern Wisconsin! 

I needed a vacation!

Growing up, my family always went to Echo Lake in Sugar Camp, WI (near Eagle River), courtesy of my amazing great Uncle Bruce and Aunt Sherrill, who have been so generous in sharing their cabin with us. 

Grandpa, the mosquitos are biting me. Can we go inside?

I feel extremely fortunate that my immediate family was able to spend a day up there on our own – especially my sister, Leah, who hasn’t seen Natalie since she was 1.5 weeks old!  (She traveled over 24 hours from Canada to spend the week with us – thank you, Auntie Leah!)And, Jordan, Bill, Kathy, Issy (the dog!), Rob (Becky’s hubby), Aunt Lisa and Rachel joined us for the weekend too.

Nana, you own an ice cream shoppe??? Why didn't you ever tell me THIS? Oh wait, Cathy with a C. Darn. You'll just have to make me some homemade yellow squash instead! 🙂

The weekend was filled with good ol’ Wisconsin food (brats, cheese curds, ice cream and beer), swimming, boating (Natalie didn’t like her “boat coat” though) and games (my Scrabble streak is still alive, though my cribbage skills are lacking). 

MOM!!!! I told you that I didn't like the cute purple boat coat and I definitely do not like this. Its squeezing me. Can I please just play in the shallow end? WAAA!!!!

I wish I could write more, but after nearly 7 hours in the car and an extremely busy week ahead, this is the best I could do.  In short, what a wonderful way to ring in my 30th year!

I love WISCONSIN!!! When can we come back?

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  1. Amanda Brooke Evans says:

    The first and the last pictures are my favorite! Sitting in a mini camp chair under an umbrella – how cute?! And I just love any baby pics in swimwear!

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