Mom, how can I get a big sister?

Two weekends ago, the Smith Family kindly invited us over for a Father’s Day BBQ at their lovely home.  (A grill and backyard?!?!  Jordan was in heaven!)  Natalie loved hanging out with Stella, age 3.5, and Ruby, age 6 mo (born the day before Natalie – in the same hospital!).  Clearly, Natalie felt very comfortable with these long-time friends, so comfortable in fact, that she ditched her cute dress…. 

Hahaha - really, we HAVE to get together more often. 6 mo is way to long to go without seeing you. Also, Mom, when can I get a big sister? Stella is awesome!

Stella was very generous with her kisses and talked so sweetly to Natalie.  Ruby shared her toys very well. 

Ruby, look over there.... see that cool toy? Never mind me over here in one of your favs....

Marla, Stella’s and Ruby’s mom, who has a self-described “shopping addiction” writes a fun, kids’ fashion and other stuff blog,  Even though reading this blog highlights exactly how non-fashionable I (and by default, Natalie) can be, its a fun read with super cute pics and ideas.  You should check it out!

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  1. We had so much fun too!!
    Stella couldn’t stop talking about “Baby Natalie” and how cute she was. She is available anytime to be big sister.

    Hope you had an amazing vacation! Let’s get together again soon for another BBQ (outside?) before the summer ends. ;0)

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