Guest blog post by Grandma: “5 Days with Natalie”

Hi, this is Grandma Julie, I am the guest blogger this week. My daughter, Becky, is helping me write this because I am not that tech savvy. Last week Dave and I met Jordan, Natalie and Erin in Knoxville, TN. We spent 2 days at the Buckberry Lodge in the Smokey Mountains where Erin and Jordan honeymooned almost six years ago.

Here is a picture of us hiking in the Smokey Mountains, it was not only our first time, but Natalie’s as well.

I'm in the stroller! Its hard to see me in this picture, but I made the hike, just like everyone else. I'm a big girl!

Next stop was Ashville, NC for Alex and Jira’s wedding. Dave and I stayed at this lovely Bed and Breakfast. It was perfect because this place was right across the street from Nana and Pop. Here is a picture of Natalie and me on the porch swing. Natalie was very intrigued with the shadows the swing made. She slowly moved her head back and forth taking in all the shadows. She was fully entertained for quite awhile.

Where's my mom? I'm having loads of fun with Grandma, but where's my mom?

Natalie also loved playing a game on the swing, where I would cover her up with a blanket and say, “Where’s Natalie?”  She has just started flailing her arms, so she was able to pull down the blanket and then have a huge grin on her face.  This game seems to be an off-shoot of the laundry game Erin wrote about a few posts ago.

Why wouldn't a girl have 2 dresses to wear to a wedding? I liked my first one, but this halter dress is so breathable and colorful. Thanks, Nana! We are going to be shopping buds!

Dave and I were in charge of Natalie during the wedding. We went inside Nana and Pop’s house during Mammaw’s speech because Natalie was trying to talk too. Inside was cousin Carlie. Carlie tried to hide the rattle from Natalie but Natalie didn’t even notice.  

On Saturday evening, Dave, Natalie and I watched from “our” front porch as wedding guests hopped on the trolley for the reception.  We also had tubby time, read her new book from Nana, ate a little and sang a few familiar songs.  Natalie didn’t want to be left alone when it was time to go to bed because she was not used to her parents not being there, so I held her until she fell asleep.  She’s sooo cuddly.  Grandpa Dave was a little busy too keeping an eyeout for the trolley to return because it had scrapped cousin Ali’s van a few hours before.  (Hopefully, everything works out with this – so sorry Ali!!!)

What a wonderful time we had.  It was very nice as well to get to know Jordan’s family and friends better too.  And, congratulations to Jira and Alex!  Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you.  I told (Great) Grandpa and Grandma Linville when we left….  “see you at the next wedding”!!!

*This is Erin – here are two pics from Alex and Jira’s weddings – one in Thailand in March 2010 (which Jordan and I were able to attend!) and the last one in Asheville in June 2011.  (Earlier this year, I asked Alex which anniversary Jira wanted to celebrate and he said all of them – including the one last Dec., which was just at the courthouse, since you have to be married within so many days of arriving to the States!  Smart lady!  Good luck w/ 3 anniversaries, Alex!)

Alex & Jira's first wedding in Thailand - March 2010

The Western Wedding! Congrats, Alex and Jira!

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