Splish Splash

The best way to beat this summer heat is to swim – A LOT!

Last week, Molly kindly invited us over for a swim date in her super cool mushroom-shaped swimming pool….

Mom, I LOVE Molly's pool. Can we get one?

Natalie had such a good time, splashing the water, chewing on the plastic mushrooms and laughing with Molly.  Even though we don’t have any outdoor space at our condo, I considered how we could possibly get a pool.  I came up with: 1) Use the hose outside our condo and play on the sidewalk, 2) Fill it up in our kitchen (many of you know a story where I did just that when baby-sitting my younger cousins, Rachel and Brett – and finally told my Aunt Lisa about it 10+ years later!!), or 3) Use it up north on vaca!  I’m not sure about #1 and #2, but #3 is certain – thanks, Grandma!

This weekend, Natalie and I hit up the beach -twice (once joined by Dad).

Mom, why is this sand so different from the sand at the park? Good thing I'm wearing a diaper - otherwise, it would hurt my bum?

Finally, on Monday, our friends let us use their pool – Natalie had a great time being tossed in the air, playing peek-a-boo under the water (don’t worry – Jordan or I are the ones who went under the water), and floating around.  (After all, its a lot of work to carry around 20+ lbs!)

Ah! A kids pool, a lake and now this!?! Being a kid is AWESOME!

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