Happy 11 Months!

Yesterday (Saturday) was Natalie’s 11-month birthday!

Oh gosh, is it my month bday again?

At 11 months, Natalie has very busy weekends!  Natalie and I went to our friends’ house Sat morning – it was cold, so we bundled up…

(Giggle, giggle).... Mom, those headbands are so 80's. You've gotta get some trendier headgear - like my snow hat!

As a family, we went to the park and then to dinner at the house of friends’ from Kellogg.  Matt and Viv deserve mad props – they hosted 3 kids under the age of 2 and 7 parents – inc. one who is within 2 weeks of her due date, even though they don’t have kids! Viv even had extra diapers on hand… (her new client is a diaper maker!)  Natalie loved Matt’s facial hair and yummy quinoa.   She especially loved playing with Sydney, who turns 2 in March.

I'm a big girl like Sydney too!

Unfortunately, we kept Natalie out an hour past her bedtime, which resulted in a fussy Sunday.  However, she LOVED gonig to Connor’s 1-year bday party today!  Connor is the only 1-year-old I know who has seriously dug into his cake.  He loves to eat, so his mom said that she was not the least bit surprised.  I’m hoping to get a picture to share later… he did a great job getting appropriately messy!

So, back to Natalie’s 11-month update.

Weight/Height: Not exactly sure, but she is slimming down a little.  When she lies flat on her back, her belly doesn’t protrude.  Her rolls on her arms are less pronounced, but don’t worry – she still has ankle bracelets, and I think her face is rounder than mine (on an absolute scale – not a relative one!)

Milestones: Natalie can crawl, pull herself up to standing, sometimes go down to sitting and give high five’s.  She is a super fast walker (with assistance) – sometimes she walks at nearly a 45 degree slope.  She is great at clapping – and even knows to clap when she hears the words, “good job”!  She still doesn’t wave hello or good-bye yet.  That’s next on our list!  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been very generous with her kisses lately (with the exception of seeing herself in a mirror) – I’m hoping those come back soon.

Favorite Activities: Being chased up the stairs, Chasing someone up the stairs, Sneaking up on Daddy, Playing “Where’s Natalie?” with a blanket, Cruising, Talking, Dancing, Doing the Hokey Pokey (HUGE lately – we’ve even “taught” two of our friends), Banging things together, Reading stories in Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed, Going to the park, Hanging on a bar at the park and doing “ballet”, Taking baths, Being by other kids.  She is getting a little better about being in the car.  She is OBSESSED with my cell phone, so we’ve had to cut that down. (I cannot even answer it without her freaking out.)

Favorite Books: Thankfully, Natalie likes reading a lot more than she used to, so I bought 24 new books ( at 25 cents a piece) at a 2nd hand shop.  However, it turns out, that she prefers to read what she is most familiar with, so we’ve been slowly introducing new ones, like “Five Little Lady Bugs,” “Where’s Baby’s Belly Button” and “Peak a Who.”  She likes a farm chunky lift-the-flap book and still really likes the simple, one word book collection that her Aunt Becky gave her last Christmas.  She loved, loved, loved “Daddy Loves Me” by Karen Katz a couple weeks ago, but she now longer screams in excitement when she sees the book. Brown Bear has definitely lost his gusto, but she still will read it.

Foods: Natalie is a pretty good eater, which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you!  She will eat Gerber garden veggies, green beans, etc, though doesn’t love them.   When we have cooked veggies like broccoli and asparagus, she will eat them too. She loves fruit – strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.  She just tried clementines this weekend.  She really likes wheat bread and often eats cheese.  She has 2-3 bottles of formula once a week and took to it just fine.  Sad to say, but if I knew how easy that would be, I might have done that sooner!

Summary:  Natalie continues to be the sweetest little girl.  She gets so excited about so many things and is a blast to be around.  We are so thankful for her and all the joy she brings to so many people’s lives!  We are really looking forward to spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with our families!

*Editor’s Note from Dad:  I haven’t gotten a kiss from her for a month!  I’m looking forward to these becoming cool again.”  However, she’s making up for it by comfortably leaning up against me when reading her a story, laughing and smiling whenever we “chase” momma or do the hokey-pokey, and enjoying walks around Lincoln Park strapped to my chest in the Ergo Baby Carrier.  When she has her little hat on, we stop traffic.  🙂

I am the egg queen and I'm invading your castle!!!

I am told that I have the upper body strength of a 13 month old




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  1. Love the milestone updates – she sure is a cutey!!!

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