Natalie’s first forward crawl!

Natalie crawled forward – with her right knee on the floor and left leg outstretched – today.  She was reaching to get some bread and cheese.  Yeah!  Although most kids learn to crawl before they almost hit 11 months, we have to give Natalie credit for overcoming the obstacle of excess weight to reach this point!  She’s been pivoting, scootching and pushing on her belly backwards for awhile now.

Natalie continued to learn other new tricks this week.  Her Daddy taught her how to “high five”.  I taught her to: 1) Turn on and off a Light Switch


2) Pull the kleenex out of the box

Pull, pull, tear, tear, taste test... Hey, come on, Mom. Why can't I taste test?

Okay, so maybe this last trick isn’t quite so hard to learn, but it certainly was fun!  Good thing we’re Costco members!  I need to go buy some more.  (Natalie wants her environmentalist Auntie Leah to know that I shoved all salvagable kleenexes back in the box for reuse).

We also had a fun weekend of:
– Notre Dame Friends Dinner.  It was great to see walking Molly again and smiley, rolling Taylor!  And Molly’s good friend Ella, who is going to be a big sister soon. (Yeah to living in the City, instead of the ‘burbs!)
– Kellogg Friends over for Dinner – Jordan cooked a great meal and Natalie slept through it all – success! (Once again, yeah to living in the City!)
– Family dates to the Zoo (yeah City!) and Bookstore
– Natalie helping Mommy and Daddy cook Sunday night dinner (so helpful that she can pokily feed much of her food to herself!)

Have a great week, Everyone!

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2 Responses to Natalie’s first forward crawl!

  1. Megan says:

    GO NATALIE!!!!!! Your mommy and daddy better watch. You will soon be everywhere!!!!

  2. Auntie Leah says:

    Haha… I really was worried about the wasted Kleenex’s.

    Way to crawl, Natalie!!

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