Twinsies with Auntie Leah

Although Jordan almost never shops, he opted to go into Old Navy with Natalie, instead of into the grocery store with me, this weekend….

Dad, you did a great job of picking out a hat for me. Its so cozy that I might actually wear it for a couple minutes, before pulling it off!

You cannot see it well here, but Jordan insisted that Natalie have at least one winter hat with ears!  I emailed this picture out to a couple family members and got the following response from my sister Leah:

Who's cuter?

I’m putting it to a vote – you be the judge.  I’m sorry Leah, but you have some pretty steep competition!

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2 Responses to Twinsies with Auntie Leah

  1. Auntie Leah says:

    I vote Natalie!

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