Happy Birthday, Grandpa & What a Busy Monday!

Natalie had a very busy day today – she accomplished two weeks worth of milestones in one day!  Perhaps, this was to celebrate her Grandpa’s Birthday!  He must have been a source of inspiration.  The highlights….

  • Pulled herself from sitting to standing, using her friend Connor’s play table
  • Sat down from standing to sitting
  • Clapped in recognition of Rachel saying “good job” to Connor
  • Clapped after a story was read, which is something that I always do
  • Ate a real prune for the first time (yep, lucky Rachel got 3 poopy diaper changes out of that!)

I also accidentally or absent-mindedly tickled her foot this morning… she giggled, pulled it away, and then put in back there for more.  I love it!  When Jordan went out to Boston a month or so ago, he tickled Delia (Karen’s darling 2-year-old) and she kept on saying “again”!  So cute.

I don’t have pictures of any of these, but how could I include a post without a cute pictures?  So, here is a random photo from today:

Dad, why did you stop reading?

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