14 Months

I started on this post well before the 14-month update, but due to my mom being in the hospital, this post never got finished.  Then, I wrote it and half of it disappeared.  I’m tired, so here’s what you get…..

Hey Trevor! I have so many things to tell you about. When you are 6 months old, you get to eat real food. When you are 9 months old, you can start crawling. When you are one year old, you get to go to music class.

The fun continues at 14 months old!  Natalie is definitely a toddler.  Some recent favs:

  • Her ability to understand language.  We were reading a favorite book – How do I love you? – the other day, and Jordan and I were very impressed that when we ask, “Where is the bird?” she was able to point to it.
  • Her growing vocabulary.  New words include cheese and uva (grape in Spanish).   She is also terrific at animal sounds.  She’s tried snake, bear, lion, monkey, elephant, and pig.
  • Her cuddles.  Natalie likes the 3-second cuddle – this morning, I was a lucky recipent of a cuddle.  Some objects of her cuddle are obvious – stuffed animal, Mousey blanket, etc – but others are surprising and seemingly un-cuddable – remote control, wash cloth, crib rail, Dad’s electric shaver.
  • Pointing.  She loves the double finger point. 
  • Tickling.  She likes to be tickled.  She lifts up her neck to encourage just a slight touch under her chin, laughs and squirms, and then does it again.
  • Playing pretend and initiating games.  She likes to play cupcakes and kitchen. 

    Here, Teddy. Eat some cupcakes. They are very healthy for you.


  • Being chased.  She likes being chased and then tickled.  She’ll even stop to make sure you are coming after her – or to let you catch her.
  • Walking – almost!  Her favorite is still to cruise holding onto our two hands, but she has taken two steps.
  • Investigating and exploring – everything from sippy cups to body parts.

    Rachel, your eyelashes and eyebrows are so pretty! If I'm gentle, can I touch them over and over and over again! (P.S. I really missed you - thanks for coming to visit me!!!)Oh yes! Mom has her phone out. Mom, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming...I'm HERE!

At her recent doc appointment, she weighed in at 25 lbs, 2 oz (95th percentile) and 98th percentile in height.  She’s actually taller than she is heavy, for the first time every.  Have no fear – there’s still plenty of belly and thigh to go around!