A Day in the Life: Dad’s Observations

Recently, Natalie has been learning and changing so much that I felt it would be almost delinquent for me not to make some blog contributions.  Rather than go through all the changes, I’ll just illustrate them from my day.

  • 5:00am: Cries wake us up.  She’s been waking up really early for the last week, but this is crazy early so we practice “tough love” and put in ear plugs
  • 7:30am: Natalie and Mommy wake up Daddy who is fast asleep, ear plugs in.  Natalie immediately “hugs” me, which consists of her leaning her head down sideways into me.  No arms – just head.
    • My theory is that this cuddle/hug is because I often hold her in my left arm, wrap Erin up in my right, and say “Family Hug!”  When this happens, Natalie is looking at Erin who usually leans her head into my chest.  So…leaning your head into someone must be a hug!
    • She will proceed to cuddle/hug me at least 6 more times throughout the day, as well as with mousy, mommy, teddy, the floor, the remote, the light switch, and multiple other inanimate objects

"Mousey, you are such an exellent snuggler! Even better than the remote control."

  • 7:45am:  For no particular reason other than she’s awesome, Erin has made us waffles with peanut butter and bananas.  We briefly debate whether or not maple syrup is a sweet – since we gave sweets up for Lent – but decide not.  And then we chow down, and I drown mine in syrup.
    • Natalie has been a little pickier about what she eats, but she is usually very happy with breakfast food.
    • At one point, I burp.  Natalie laughs.  Much to Erin’s chagrin, she thinks bodily functions are hilarious.   I didn’t teach her this, but I do wholeheartedly support it.
  • 8:15am:  We all play on the big rubber mat in front of our fire place.  We try to get Natalie to walk from Mommy to Daddy, but she stands there unassisted for about 5 seconds before slowly squatting down.
    • She walks if you hold just one hand, which she wouldn’t do a week ago.

"Mommy, you are so much fun!"

  • 9:20am: Natalie goes down for a nap with mousey. She cuddle/hugs him and it’s ridiculously cute.  She goes down for naps without a peep.  I then go to the hardware store to get copies of keys for Nana and Pop when they live in Chicago!
  • 10:40am: I wake Natalie up.  As soon as I set her on the changing table, she starts dancing – which is sort of a wiggle.  I have no basis for comparison, but this girl seems to dance more than any kid I’ve seen.  See what I mean in the video below.  It’s like a little shimmy she just mixes into whatever she’s doing.
  • 11:00am: Mom and Natalie go to the bookstore
  • "This rousing denouement can only be matched by the superlative plot twist at the end!"

  • 12:30pm: Mom and Natalie get back and eat lunch.
  • 3:00pm: Mom goes to the gym while Daddy and Natalie play.
    • We play a game where she sits on my lap and we tip over, which she loves.  Then I tickle her under her chin.  She always giggles and makes me stop, then immediately sticks her chin up to get tickled again.
    • We make a card for Grandma Julie.  Natalie colors it with her crayons and puts on a sticker.
    • We dance to Raffi.  Unlike Natalie’s shimmy (see video below from Friday night example), this is standing up while holding my hands and shifting from one foot to the other.

  • 4:30pm:  We meet our friends Megan, Jeff and Molly at the Lincoln Park Athletic Club pool.  Molly and Natalie are SO excited to see each other.  These girls have known each other since virtually Day One and really get along well.
  • 6:00pm: Dinner out with our friends Jeff, Molly and Megan..  Natalie and Molly are extremely well-behaved, though between them, they collectively drop about half a bowl of rice under their high chairs.

"Molly, you are the Yoko to my John."

  • 7:00pm: We come home, brush our teeth, and read stories.  Natalie is pretty good about letting us brush her teeth.
    • She has nine teeth now!  Four on top, four on bottom, and one molar that popped up a little further back.  Yeah, weird.
    • She’s become a bit impatient with her older age. We rarely make it through an entire book before she is tossing it aside for a new one.

So that was our Saturday!  She is one super fun little girl.



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