Farmer’s market


Natalie and her two best girlfriends met up at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday – Taylor on the left side of the picture and Molly on the right.  Taylor is turning 1 tomorrow (happy bday, T!) and Molly is 21 months.  Given that 5 of the 6 parents of these cuties went to ND, we’re hoping that we’ll all get to meet up at Junior Parents Weekend…. or London, if the girls decide to study abroad in London spring of Junior Year (as 4 of 6 parents did!)  This is obviously one of the huge perks of living in the City.

For more pics, visit our friends’ blogs:

Molly’s – 

Taylor’s – (Pics aren’t up yet, but I’m sure they will be soon!)

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  1. Karen says:

    Did you guys PLAN to have them all in the same outfit? Unbelievably cute. Perhaps their first ND milestone should be our ten year reunion next year? Yes.

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