Minnie – love at first site

My mom recently treated Natalie to a new toy – a stroller for her to push.  (I have been wanting her to have one for awhile, as I new she would love it – she likes to help push her big stroller, which is challenging, given her pint-size and she likes pushing her friends’ baby strollers too.)  My mom included a special treat in the stroller – Minnie Mouse, courtesy of my little sister Leah’s tremendous stuffed animal collection.  We think Minnie Mouse hails from our first plane trip to Florida when I was in 7th grade.  (Compare this to Natalie, who had been on 3 plane trips before her first birthday!)

It was love at first site.  When Natalie walked inside my parents’ house, she immediately released an “ooo” and proceeded to play with the stroller all weekend.  My mom sent us back to Chicago with the stroller – and at the last minute, insisted I take Minnie too.  When we got back to Chicago, Natalie took a nap – and when she awoke, the first thing she wanted to do was set up her stroller again.  I tried to put a new giraffe I bought her in the stroller – she wanted nothing to do with it.  So, I put her 2nd favorite stuffed animal in – Yot who lives in  Pot (Dr. Seuss). 

Then, we went on a walk to the park.  On our return home from the park, we stopped at our car to get Minnie.  Natalie let out audible excitement and proceeded to carry Minnie the remaining 2 blocks home, gently patting her back as to reassure her that “everything was alright” and that Mannie wouldn’t have to spend any more time in the car without her!

Then, when we got home, Natalie immediately threw Yot out of the stroller and onto the floor, so that Minnie could resume her rightful place.  The next day, when Natalie saw Kaila for the first time in nearly a week, she rushed to show Kaila her new toy.  I’m sure Kaila loves Minnie just as much as Natalie.

Thank goodness Natalie has grandparents who live in Florida, so we have an easy way to indulge a future request to go to Walt Disney World.  I wonder when that request happens – hopefully not until age 4?!?!

All my favorite things – Minnie, her stroller, Mousey, Paci and Elmo PJs. I’m a lucky girl!

With a cute face like that, who would be able to say ‘no’?!? 


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