Happy 1-Month, Elliott!

Happy 1-Month Elliott! (Okay, it was really on Friday the 19th, but Natalie was unexpectedly home after an Arctic Parade at school – it was freezing and she was crying – and an expectedly busy Saturday.)

Yep, I'm a Big Guy - certainly filling out my onesie! (My belly button, which was initially an outie, is now an innie, helped out by my good eating!)

Hey, hey, hey... I used to be the star of this blog. Don't forget about me - Natalie!

Although it has been an incredible month, I am thankful that we have our first month as parents of 2 kids under our belt – how do folks ever do a ratio of more kids than adults?!?

Here’s a summary of who Elliott is and what he likes at one month old (I tried to use the same categories as I did for Natalie… it was fun to compare and reminisce!):

Weight / Height: TBD – Doc’s appt is next Thurs, though he’s clearly gaining weight well. He’s filling out well and there’s not much room left in the 3-month clothes
Who does he look like? A lot like his big sister Natalie! He definitely has Jordan’s eyes. And probably my skin tone. My dad said this picture looks a lot like me when I was a baby… its nice to actually have a kid who might resemble some of my traits. After all, the mom is the one who was pregnant for 9.5+ months!

Do you like my St. Patrick's Day outfit? Even though I was a couple days too late to wear it on the holiday, I still am Mommy's Lucky Charm!

Favorite Food: Mom’s Milk – about 8 times a day. (He tried his first bottle with Nana yesterday… she said he was confused at first, but gulped it down.)
Nicknames: None from me yet… I have to work on it! Jordan calls him his Little Buddy (as does Natalie) and E-Man, I think. (In reading Natalie’s 1-month post, I saw that we called her Hungry Hungry Hippo… that reminded me what an incredible eater she was – she just acted like she was STARVING. Elliott is not like that, though he does eat well.)
Favorite Songs
: You are my Sunshine. Mommy Loves Me. Elliott Boy (to the tune of Macho Man)
Favorite Author
: None yet – we’ve read a lot of Courdory and How Do I Love You and I Love you More. Elliott loves to read in bed with his big sister, Natalie – and she loves to have him.

Natalie: Stop tickling me, Elliott! (Just kidding - more, please, more!!)

Favorite position: Lying on someone’s chest or wrapped up in the Ergo baby carrier
Fussy time
: Every time he doesn’t get to fall asleep on someone and is expired
Ways to soothe
: Ergo baby carrier with pacifier, jiggling, I’ve even resorted to jogging up and down the hallway in the house with Elliott on his side b/c he seems to like the motion so much. He has taken to the pacifier a little bit, though seems to be paci picky. He def. has a fav.
Places he has visited: Natalie’s school (almost daily), Doc’s office, 2 restaurants, Church, a Hotel swimming pool (sidelines only), the park
Favorite Things to Do
: Watch his big sister, nap on someone, look at faces. He seems less into his black-and-white shapes than Natalie was, which were a big hit for her. He does like the Sunshine next to his diaper changing table.
Least Favorite Things: He isn’t a great independent sleeper yet… as I type this, his strapped to the front of me in the Ergo Baby Carrier (This is after 1 hr, 40 min of trying to get him to sleep in his crib on his own… the 2nd day in the row I’ve tried that for a mid-day rest!)

How is Elliott compared to Natalie? He seems a bit quieter – he doesn’t talk quite as much. I think he is a little easier going, though figuring out sleep stuff is always a challenge (we’ve made great strides since my first draft of this post 3 days ago though!) He is quick with a smile, especially in the morning after eating or when he gets a close up with Dado, Mama or Natalie. Overall, I want to spend more time getting to know him better… I feel like he slept a ton the first two weeks and I spent weeks 3 & 4 treating him like a newborn… but he’s not, so I’m still figuring this little cutie out!

How has Natalie reacted to Elliott? Natalie showers Elliott with hugs and kisses. She runs to get his “RoRo” or a paci if his fusses. She asks about him when she wakes up and wants to see him when she gets home from school (or at school, if Elliott goes to pick her up too). If Elliott is fussing, she’ll ask Jordan to pick him up. One time, she did say that she wanted Elliott to “go bye bye”. I asked her why and she said because she didn’t want me to feed him and she wanted to play with me. We talk about how its okay to be sad sometimes that she has to share me or Dado or sad about some of the changes. Her teachers at school said that they haven’t seen any change in her behavior… and in fact, the week he was born, she was awarded the Sapphire Hero for being such a good communicator about her baby brother! All in all, Elliott couldn’t have a sweeter big sister than the one he has. We are so proud of her and can learn a lot from the generous love she shares.

Hey Mom, are you taking this picture because you're impressed with my neck strength... or because you really just want to show off the whale on my cute bum?

Thanks for reading our blog and caring about our two cute, wonderful, adorable and loving kids!

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