Happy 28 Months, Natalie!

Although we’ve stopped the monthly updates on Natalie, I have to say, Natalie seems so much bigger than she was at her 2-year birthday!  So, I thought all these changes deserved an update too – even if its just for more own record-keeping and isn’t organized very well!  Her official 28-months is tomorrow, but I’ll have Elliott’s 1-month update tomorrow, and it seemed more important to get his on the exact date!

Favorite Foods: Cheese, Bread, Sandwiches (Meat/Cheese or Peanut Butter), Milk, Pasta, Cupcakes or Muffins. She eats fruit a lot and veggies often… we’re lucky that the peer pressure at school helps ensure that she gets a variety of veggies!
Favorite Books
: ZooBorns: Baby Animals from Around the World, ZooBorns: ABCs, Lazy LadyBug, The Little Engine that Could, Pacifiers are not Forever, Fancy Nancy
Favorite Things to Do
: Dance, Play Tea Party, Run, Go to the Park, Play with friends at School, Bake

Talking: Natalie talks in full sentences.  “Because” is one of the cutest words she says.  Her grandparents, teachers, etc. continue to understand her better.  As the mom, I’m able to make out at least 80% of what she says.  Dad is really good too – at least 70%; he only needs some extra translation from me on occasion.

Letters: Natalie’s letter recognition is really great!  She knows: D (Dado), E (Edmund from school and Elliott), G (Grandma and Grandpa), M (Mama), N (Natalie & Nana), O (Owen from school), P (Poppy), R (Riley from school), S (Shiloh and Ms. Saba from school), T (Trevor), W (an upside M for Mommy) and Z (Zachary from school).  When we’re reading ABC books, C is often confused for G.

Personality: She likes to tease!  She often “wipes off” kisses that I give her, honks my nose, etc.  We call her a goof-a-loof and silly often.  She’s a fun kid!!!

Gross Motor Skills: Natalie loves to run, dance, jump, etc!  She bounces around with a lot of energy.  I often have trouble keeping up with her when running!

On my way for a touchdown! (Pop, its illegal to grab someone from the head!)

Schedule: She wakes up shortly before 7, but stays in bed content for 10-20 minutes until Jordan goes to get her.  Dado is completely in charge of the morning these days, since Elliott and I are usually sleeping after being up a couple times in the night.  They often sneak in to say “good bye” to us, which is awesome.  Natalie has a busy morning at school (sparkle time, gym time, artwork, etc) and then naps for about 75 minutes if at school or 2 hours if at home.  She goes to bed around 7:30 p.m. every night.  The bedtime routine is fun… she knows what to expect: pjs, vitamins (hers taste good but Dado’s and Mama’s do not and she always delivers ours, as well as pretends to taste them), brushes teeth (first from a parent, then by herself), and stories.  During stories, she must have both Mouseys (one for her hand, one for behind her head) and her paci (uh oh – we need to get rid of this before her 3rd bday?!?!?).  She also needs Yot and a purple blanket before going to bed.  And, I sing her songs… like Mommy Loves You (we rotate through different names – Mommy, Dado, Elliott and Natalie are most common…. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Pop are almost nightly…. randoms include Zachary’s Mama at school!)

If I could change one thing…. it would be that Natalie liked to cuddle with me more!  Even while singing to her in bed, she doesn’t want me to rub her back or belly.  Also, many of the kisses I get are with the paci in her mouth… though sometimes she’ll kiss my cheek during the day, which I just love!

I have to say – 2 continues to be such a fun age!  I love talking and playing with Natalie… she really is my little buddy!  Funny enough, she calls Elliott her little buddy (she picked this up from Jordan).

Yay! Mommy and I went on an adventure to the butterfly museum! Thanks for baby-sitting Elliott, Nana!


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