Happy 2 Months, Elliott!

Elliott “turned” two months on Sun, May 19.  I referenced Natalie’s 2-month post in writing this and am very happy that the first paragraph I wrote isn’t true for Elliott (knock on wood)!

“Natalie’s 2-month “birthday” was on Sat, Feb. 19.  We’re a little late with the post because she has been fussy this week – she seems not to be sleeping enough during the day.  She’s tough to get to sleep, won’t sleep well in her crib or swing or bouncey seat and often wakes up after 15 min. – usually b/c she needs to burp but needs help.  Any suggestions?”

I'm two months old! My sister there was a small fry comparatively!

While by no means a shrimp, you can see Natalie at two months here.

I’m sure all babies are different, but I think it helps that Elliott is larger and we weren’t able to accommodate his desire to be held as long.  Perhaps b/c we have 2 kids.  Anyways, its working out great… I remember telling folks that I barely started to feel human until Natalie was 2 months old, but I’ve felt “human” a lot earlier with Elliott.  I’m even working out some mornings – woo hoo!  (Granted, I have a lot more “baby weight” to lose.)

Anyways, back to the 2-month update:
Weight: 14 lbs, 7 oz.  (95th percentile) (Same percentile as his sister at 2-mo, though she was 13 lbs, 1 oz and had moved up a lot of percentiles, while he has remained the same)
Height: 25.5 inches (98th+ percentile) (Taller than his sister)
Head Circumference: 42.5 inches (98th+ percentile)

Basically, our 2-mo-old is the size of a 5-mo-old, according to the doc.

Who does he look like? Still looks like Natalie and Jordan
Personality: Sweet, Smiley, Easy going (especially relative to his sister)
Favorite Food: Mom’s Milk – about 7-8 times a day, with only one feeding between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 8 a.m. usually!  He’s a champ at taking a bottle too.
Favorite Toys / Games: Peek-a-Boo with draping a cloth over his head, Flailing his arms around (which Natalie says tickles her), Patty-Cake, the Activity Mat, watching his Big Sister Natalie do anything at all and eye contact with anyone – which leads to a lot of cute smiles.
Big Accomplishments: Sleeping 12+ hours at night, with only one feeding.  Having the world’s cutest smile (tied with his sister, of course) – does that count as an accomplishment?  And, at the doctor’s office today, rolled over from his stomach to his back!  Granted, I started him with his arms kinda propped up and the roll was probably an accident, but he’s definitely been kicking a lot while on his tummy!

So, you're telling me the only way to get off my tummy is to roll over? What's that?

Funniest Moment: Nothing too hilarious yet… maybe b/c we are such parent pros! (Just kidding).  Jordan and I were giving him a bath a couple weeks ago and got to experience what its like to be parents of a little boy.  He, um, squirted right in the air after awhile in the tub.  Much better than Natalie’s post, which was projectile poop across the room and onto my jewelry box.
Big Excursions: Besides New Orleans, of course, Elliott’s biggest excursion was a trip to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday – where we met up with friends from college and their kids (Molly, Taylor and Hailey), combined with lunch out with Nana, Pop, Mammaw and Pappaw.  No pics of Elliott to show for it though… he slept the entire 3 hours out.  Which might have explained the relative difficulty we had with his sleeping for the rest of the day.  Whoops.  Such is the life of a 2nd child.
Big Sister’s Reaction: Natalie continues to be a very loving big sis.  She smothers him with Eskimo kisses, forehead cuddles and hugs.  I wonder if its just human nature to love and want to cuddle with things smaller than you… she does to him a lot of things that we would love to do with her but she doesn’t let us!  He doesn’t protest a bit. 🙂  Natalie also always asks where he is… the answer is usually in his room sleeping (when we’re at home) or in the stroller (when I pick her up from school).

Thanks for the kiss big sis! Now, how about you let me go back to eating?

Thanks for reading our blog!

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