Aunt Leah from Alaska

Aunt Leah came in from Alaska for Mike’s wedding!  Once again, being in Chicago has its advantages, as it tends to be the easiest airport for Leah to fly in and out of on her adventures across the globe… New Zealand, Montana, Canada, Alaska.  After a red-eye flight, Leah and her boyfriend Lee (who is a professional brewer – Jordan clearly is happy about this) were on the floor putting together a 3D Minnie puzzle with Natalie.  Score one for Lee.


Whoa… you like Minnie too?!?

After Elliott’s morning nap, we went to the park.  Elliott was clearly THRILLED to meet his godmother.  This boy couldn’t open his mouth any higher… (P.S. He’s wearing his big sisters “park shoes” that were such favorites our former nanny Kaila even sewed the toe holes for us!)



The teeter totter was very thrilling as well….


I could get used to this!

Leah and Lee flew out of Chicago too, which meant that Leah had Sunday dinner with us.  Since we eat dinner around 5:30, and Alaska is 3 hours behind us, dinner was more like mid-afternoon tea for her, but no complaints from Leah.  Instead, more spelling power practice….




Go Pack Go!

We wish we got to see more of them, of course.  When I told Natalie that Grandma was going to visit Aunt Leah in Alaska, Natalie she asked, “can we go too?”  She also said “I want to see Grandma”  She is a “little bit sad” that she doesn’t get to see Grandma and wants me to ask Grandma if Grandma can visit soon.  She also wanted to know why Grandma was visiting Leah (instead of her).  We FaceTimed with them tonight, and Leah invited us to Alaska.  Natalie responded, “Maybe tomorrow.”  My silent response was… when you get married.  A 6 hour plane flight, many other hours in a car, a 3-hr time zone change don’t sound like much fun with a 2.5 year old and 6-mo old.  So, until we have a really good reason, we’ll keep our visits a little closer.  (Truly, no pressure from me as the big sis… I’m just being the practical big sis, which I’m well known for.)

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