Happy Wedding!

My cousin, Mike, (Natalie’s grandfather) got married last weekend to a lovey girl, Erin… (“that’s silly” Natalie said when she realized Erin’s name is the same as my name). I actually don’t have a picture of Mike and Erin (at least not on my iPhone, which is where 99% of blog pics come from), but I have a lot of pics of Natalie – who was the flower girl, Trevor and my cousin’s kid, Gavin – who is a month younger than Trevor. Erin and Mike were so great about including kids in the wedding, and they just had a blast playing together!


I’m Princess Pea… with spelling power!


We’re just taking a tiny little break. We’ve been running a lot!


I’m just enjoying a CUPCAKE with my bff Grandma!


Dad, you wouldn’t mind if I spit up right on your shoulder, huh?



Whoa… what’s going on. All these pics?!? I need a nap.

Congratulations to Mike and Erin! We’re excited to have Erin in the family!


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