Natalie Stories

Natalie keeps us laughing… its amazing to hear the things that she’s thinking about and the connections she’s making. We hear a lot of it – this girl can be a chatterbox.

Last night, Natalie decided that she needed to feed her Baby Ellie. She’s done this before, but always used a bottle. For some reason, last night, she decided to feed Baby Ellie just like I feed Elliott, so she set up her purple chair, wrapped a neck pillow around her torso and had me get Baby Ellie for her. A lot of set up for Mom… while the act of feeding took all of 30 seconds.

This weekend, she’s also been pregnant, had a baby and put the baby back in. She keeps on carrying around her “tiny little baby” (basically, an invisible baby that seems to be the size of her hand). However, she puts it back inside when it’s time to eat because she “doesn’t want to share my peanut butter and jelly (sandwich)”. Smart girl. If only it was that easy.

Natalie’s loving pretend play. Even a walk in the neighborhood has many opportunities, such as picking blue carrots out of “mud” holes in the sidewalk on the way to church/Nana’s house. When she doesn’t have a pocket to hold her carrots, she pretty much digs into the front part of her diaper (yes, she’s still in diapers). I think I’m going to have to strategically pick outfits with pockets for weekend walks for now on.

Natalie loves hide and seek lately. The four of us had a great game of hide and seek going at the park. Of course, she was famished so munched on pretend animal crackers for much of the seeking portion.

She’s also obsessed with her little farm animals as of late. They love to play doll house too. The pig and sheep are her fav.

Finally, Natalie’s really concerned with football losses. She was so sad that the Packers lost last weekend (oddly… the Packers win today didn’t seem to have as much of an impact). When Jordan was talking about the Notre Dame – Arizona State game yesterday, she asked “What’s that?” I responded that its a football game, but when she’s older she can go to Notre Dame for college, not Arizona State. She asked Why not Arizona State? Dad responded that the girls are too slutty… and I responded that she’s too smart. Jordan chimed in that she could go to UW-Madison, Harvard, or Princeton too…. gotta start this college talk early, right?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pics to share with these stories, as Natalie loves taking pictures lately, but not being in them. I was able to snap a pic of Natalie and my college roommate Tricia (who was in town for work and kindly carved out 2.5 hours to spend time with us!) on the swings. I have a few other randoms that I’ll include in here too.

Another under-duck please

I’m a giraffe. Munch. Munch

Two people doing tummy time

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