Lucky Mama

How is this just not the cutest thing ever? I am such a lucky Mama.


Hey there little brother….

These two were enjoying Mr. Singer this morning! Natalie and Mr. Singer had an extensive conversation at the end of the concert… she told him that Nana works in the garden, that she was going to ask Nana where Poppy was, that her Daddy read Madeline to her this morning and that her brother’s name is Elliott. Mr. Singer commented that he feels like Natalie understands his music more than most kids and that makes him happy. He carried and talked to her for a couple minutes – I was very surprised that Nat would go to him for so long, esp. since he was uber-sweaty.

Nana’s friend from the garden, Gloria, showed Natalie how to be a farmer by laying down hay. Natalie also liked the watermelon and spiky cucumber that Nana shared! “Nana, do you have a snack for me in the garden???”


Farming is fun, Gloria. Can I have some more hay??

We give Mammaw, Pappaw and Pop credit for jumping out of bed to join us. Elliott was kinda zoned out when Mammaw arrived, so I had to get down low to catch his attention. He also tried hay this morning.


Yep, just hanging with my ladies….

The sun was super bright, hence my inability to get a good pic where both kids were smiling, but this is still super cute.


The sun is too bright! Mom’s glasses are too big! I want a snack! I want to see an animal!

Before nap, Natalie and I read Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems, which we got from the library and is a fav of hers right now. In it, Trixie dreams that Knuffle Bunny travels the world…. we think the pics are of China, Bolivia, Hawaii, Alaska, Italy, and London. When I ask Natalie where she wants to visit, she always answers…. “Alaska, where Aunt Leah is!”


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