Playful E-man

Elliott is such a playful little buddy. He LOVES peak-a-boo and often initiates the game. If I’m changing his diaper and give him a lovey to play with or set his pants on his tummy, he grabs whatever and puts it over his face. He then chuckles and squirms until I saw “Where’s Elliott???” and pull the fabric down. Then, repeat. Again and again. I really think he’s quite advanced. 🙂

He LOVES rasberries lately too. Once again, he initiates and loves when you make a silly noise back.

Finally, we’re trying to teach him sign language…. we found it so helpful when our former nanny Kaila taught Natalie signs like “more” when she was about 15 mo. old. I guess you can start as early as 6 mo. So, we’re starting with Milk and Sister. Which are two of his fav things. Our current nanny Phoebe told us that Elliott was just cracking up at the sign for sister. So cute. Those two are good buds.


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