An MLK tradition

Natalie and I joined our friends Edmund and Gabbie for a trip to the Shedd Aquarium – as we did last MLK day too! ( Thankfully, this MLK day was a lot warmer than last year’s!  Natalie was THRILLED at the thought of spending the morning with her best bud Edmund and Bella.  If only every Monday was this awesome!  She was singing, dancing, talking and swimming (literally, on the kitchen floor, like Bella with her stuffed animal Bella), leading up to the trip.  On the way down the stairs, she pronounced: “Mom, I’m really good at talking.  And I’m sorry that my voice sounds funny since I caught a cold from Elliott.  I’m sorry that your voice sounds funny since you caught a cold from me.”


Hey Edmund, this way!

First stop was to see Bella the Whale, of course!  Natalie and Edmund loved hearing the whales talk to each other.  Natalie started singing “Bella, Beluga….” (once again, she had practiced all morning…. Elliott Beluga, Daddy Beluga, even Pinto Beluga – remember, our nickname for Little E, in utero?)


The whales were enjoying family time…..



Come here, my best bud….

Funny enough, when we went below to see the whales swimming, Natalie was “a little bit scared” because they were so big.  Contrast this with 2-year-old Natalie who spent 30 minutes, pressed up against the tank staring at and talking to her friend Bella.

By the sharks, Edmund and Natalie laid down…. perhaps pretending to be sharks themselves????


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