Happy 10 Months, Elliott!

Happy 10 Months, Elliott!  We simply adore you and are so happy you are in our lives!

Loving life!

Elliott continues to be the most joyful, sweet natured baby.  As always, it was fun to read Natalie’s 10-mo update to remind myself how different they are!

Nicknames: E-Man, Chunk Heavy, Little Boo-dy (from Nat)

I found you, Big Sis!

Teeth: At least 4 (top two, bottom two), though I saw a glimpse of a 5th coming in tonight

Words:  Elliott says “Dada,” although I’m not sure it always refers to Jordan.  Other than that, his “talking” is screeching/yelling and sticking out his tongue to make a spitty, loud noise.  By contrast, at this age, Natalie had a few words in her repertoire.  In Elliott’s defense, its hard to get a word in edge-wise around here, with Natalie talking a mile a minute.

Gross Motor:  Elliott is a superb crawler (standard form, super fast – in comparison to Natalie’s odd bum scootch).  He loves to pull himself up on everything (Nat’s bed, crayon table, couch, walls, people, etc), can move alongside furniture and recently learned to sit back down.  He can pivot in every direction and is fully mobile.  He doesn’t like to walk with assistance nearly as much as Natalie did – accordingly, we don’t give him as much practice at that.

Hmm... is this for eating or coloring?

Favorite Activities:  What doesn’t this boy like to do???  He is so independent and super curious.  He happily crawls and pulls up over everything.  He loves to get into his sister’s things – esp. her Minnie Mouse guitar.  He likes to crawl over to our toy storage area and rummage through every little bin of toys.  He is fast, so you have to be on top of where he is going…. he tries to pull the internet cord, Jordan’s computer cord, Natalie’s potty, humidifiers, etc.  Its hard to keep this place appropriately childproof.  He loves to “hide,” which consists of putting a lovey over his face or just burying his head face down in my shoulder, the bed, the floor, etc.  (He must get his sneaky hiding skills from his sister.)  Oh, and he still loves putting everything in his mouth.  The most random so far has been stickers.  He’s enjoyed literally every place we’ve taken him to – a friend’s house, music class, the nature museum, the children’s museum.  He’ll probably even like taking Natalie to the dentist this week!

Want to know another cool thing about having an older sis? You get invited to 3-yr-old birthday parties at Gymboree!!!!

Hey, have you met my buddy Luke (the big one)? (Son of a good friend from grad school)

Have you met my other friend (little) Luke (1 mo old!)? (Son of friends from ND - and you've seen his sister Mollie in a lot of previous posts!)

Foods:  Elliott eats everything we do, with the exception of eggs which I believe you’re supposed to wait until later due to allergies.   For instance, last night, he had pork loin and brussel sprouts.  The night before, chicken, squash and broccoli.  He eats a ton – as a guy in church remarked, “he certainly hasn’t missed a meal”.  And, our traditional dinner plan of “cook as much as you can so that we have 3 days of leftovers” isn’t working as well with a family of 4, esp. with Elliott eating more than most preschoolers.

Schedule:  Once again, I’m keeping a better record of Elliott’s schedule because Jira and Alex refer to it for Clayton, who is only a few months younger than Elliott.

6:45 – wake-up, nurse, get hugs & cuddles from Natalie, eat breakfast
8:45 – Nap 1, ranges from 1-2 hours.  Gets 4 oz milk afterwards
10:30ish – Snack
12 – Lunch
12:45/1 – Nap 2, ranges from 1-2 hours.  Life is always better when this nap is the longer one of the two b/c since Nat still naps, its more time for Mom!.  Gets 4 oz. milk afterards
3:30/4 – Snack
Between 5 & 6 – Milk/nurses
Between 5:30 & 6 – Dinner
6:30 – Nurses, Bed time (Soo, soo, easy.  You give him his lovey and a paci and he goes right to sleep.)


Speaking of Clayton, isn’t he a cutie?  He is 6 mo old and measuring in the 50th percentile for weight as a 6-mo old (on the non-adjusted scale, despite being 2 months early!)  Isn’t that amazing???

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