A new word


At the dinner table tonight, while Natalie had just left to cry/scream in her bedroom, Elliott said “Natalie” and looked at her bedroom door.  He said it quietly and not super clearly – enough for a mom to understand though.  Natalie may be his second word.  He says Dada often.  Jordan claims he’s heard a Mama directed to me.  I’m less sure about that.

The kind little buddy was concerned about why Natalie wasn’t with us and what was wrong.  Ironically, she had been saying mean things about him (whenever she gets upset, she takes it out on him), which is why she was in the room.

However, earlier in the day, she was singing his praises, kissing, smooching, and loving all over him (pic above).  I am thankful that I don’t think Elliott yet understands much of her tirades.


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