What a great way to spend a Saturday morning… Uncle Mike / Godfather Mike and Aunt Lisa came in to visit with us!  It was a great visit, from Natalie running to them when she first saw them outside to Aunt Lisa reading her a fav Berenstain Bear book before naptime.  They spoiled the kids with stuffed animals, a movie (Frozen!), butterfly wings, a wand and clothes. <Most of the girly stuff was from Aunt  Lisa – can you tell that she is a mom of 3 sons???) And they spoiled the kids with – even better – a ton of attention.  Uncle Mike didn’t always want to play around with one of Elliott’s fav games – drop-my-stuff-and-see-who-will-pick-it-up, but luckily, Aunt Lisa is a softie.  Uncle Mike was also surprised every time his magna tile creations crashed.  And, I guess, once a mom, always a mom, b/c Aunt Lisa almost couldn’t help but help me clean up all the kids’ mess.  The pics below are: Natalie gratefully showcasing her new movie, Aunt Lisa playing peek-a-boo with Elliott and picture time on the couch.




Thanks for making the 7-hr (Uncle Mike) and 2-hr (Aunt Lisa) trip to see us! We’re lucky.

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