Finally feels like Spring!

On my Wednesday day off, the kids and I had a super busy day.  After nap #1, we went to the zoo.


Are you taller than a polar bear?


Aardvark, aardvark, come out wherever you are!

After lunch, Natalie requested going to the park by Nana and Pop’s house.  We instead opted for Cummings Park, next to the zoo.


Hmmm… not exactly sure how I’m supposed to get on this swing like my big sis.


Here I come!


Ride ’em Cowboy!

Natalie also had her first pee crouch experience as well.  (Note to self: Take portable potty with you everywhere – you never know when your daughter will decide to pee 10 minutes after you ask her to go, when there’s a conveniently located bathroom.)  I’m happy to report, dry undies and pants, in thanks to the fancy positioning, with my support.  Hope that wasn’t TMI.

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