Bedazzled pics from Google

NOTE:  YOU WILL WANT TO VIEW THIS POST FROM A COMPUTER – NOT A MOBILE PHONE.  Also, the images below load really slowly.  You may want to walk away and come back in a minute.


Given that Erin and I take about 500 pictures per month and keep half of them, I’m a bit of a nut about organizing and editing them. I back up everything in Google Drive, and recently, I noticed something crazy.

Google automatically added those pictures to Google Plus and then automatically bedazzled them! By “bedazzled,” I mean took similar pictures and made moving gif files. It’s actually pretty cool. Check out some below!

Elliott: "Hey Mom, this is awesome!" Natalie: "We never do anything fun." (while sitting on a carousel)

"Hurry up, what's taking so long? FEED ME!"

My favorite birthday-candle-blowing-out-assistant ever! Hands down.

Natalie: "Oh Mammaw, you are a hoot! Tell me more."


Pretty cool, huh?!  Google even had one where they added snow!

Now I’m probably going to take five pictures every time just to see what Google does to them.

As if I needed a reason to take even MORE pictures…

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