Good times in Green Bay

On Thursday evening, we left for Green Bay – hoping that the kids would sleep for most of the 3.5 hours.  I don’t know why we do this – I’m never right.  Elliott went to sleep nearly an hour after he usually does and Natalie finally went down by 9:30pm.  Only to awake 30 min later, screaming b/c she wet through her pull-up and then woke up Elliott.  When we arrived in Green Bay at 10:30pm, Natalie was shocked that I wouldn’t let her play with Grandma right away (despite that I had pre-wired her to the contrary).  So, since she was buzzing awake, they did get to play grocery for 10 minutes, while we got Elliott to bed and got her room set-up.  I liken it to the excitement I would have if I hadn’t seen Jordan for weeks…. I suppose I’d have a lot of adrenaline pumping through my body and not able to sleep either.  The adrenaline stayed around throughout the night though, as she woke up at 540 am.  Shockingly, she waited pretty patiently in bed for an hour and was pretty good the next day.


Trevor and Cameron came over to play that afternoon.  The neighbors have a swing set, which Grandma told Natalie we could play on.  (I think my parents were strategic about making friends with the new neighbors).  Natalie and Trevor played super well together, taking turns on the ladder and equally weighting each other on the teeter totter (Trevor’s words) / seesaw (Natalie’s words).


Higher Trev!


Say the magic word and I’ll let you down!

Cameron is a cute.  You’ll see how he spent much of the evening – ah, 3 weeks old is nice…. he sleeps a ton, makes cute baby sighs and is only about 8.5 lbs (meaning, very easy to carry and lighter than Elliott was at birth!)


Aunt Erin, please get these Mr. Potato Head Glasses off my cute little face!

Elliott has loved “getting in the mix” of everything at G&G’s house….


Whoa – what do you call these ancient things? VCR tapes?  They sound delightful when I throw them!

On Saturday, we made a trip to Bay Beach – on opening day!  What’s not to love about 50-cent carousel rides and 25-cent helicopter rides?  Since most of the pics are on our good camera – not my phone, you can see that Elliott liked the stroller and carrots-in-a-cup about as much as the rides.




And Natalie requested that we go back to Bay Beach everyday!  She was quite the little thrill seeker.  Her fav was the helicopter, where you could go more than 6-ft in the air.  She tried to convince Jordan to let her go by herself – I put the kabash on that one.  Elliott’s fav was probably the real train ride.  I think Trevor liked the carousel the most – poor little guy had some tears on his cheeks after finishing the racecars (which go in a circle, but a really fast circle).  And, Cameron liked the inside of his carseat.

We did get a pic with all 4 grandkids – hopefully, Jordan will post that soon!  And, now, time to sign off – Elliott just woke from his nap.

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