The world’s cutest $115

A month or two ago, Natalie’s preschool told us that a photographer was coming in to take pictures and the kids could where whatever they wanted.   Ok, whatever.

Last week, we get an email with proofs of all the kids.  Natalie’s pictures is, of course, ridiculously adorable.  And for a single 5×7 pitures, you too can have this photo for just $115.  What?!?!!  Yeah, the packages go up to about $350 and get cheaper per picture, but to purchase even one pic is a minimum of $115.  And I’m quite sure that preschool is getting a cut of that.

It’s extortion-by-cuteness.  So despite the cuteness, I’m not going to give in.  Fortunately, there is no shortage of cute Natalie pictures!

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