Happy Mothers Day!

First, happy mother’s day to my mom and Grandma-extraordinaire.  As a kid, some of my fav things to do with her and my sisters were baking Christmas cookies, reading all the time and going swimming (at the Y, at Kaukana, at Black Creek).  As a grown-up, some of the things my kids like to do best with Grandma are reading, acting out scenarios with dolls/figurines, and playing kitchen/tea party.  (I’m sure cousin Trevor would substitute at least one of these for ‘trucks’)!


Second, happy mother’s day to Nana, who is actually in France right.  I am of course, forever grateful for the amazing son she raised and she’s a super fun, loving Nana too.  She regularly picks up each kid for a special outing – here’s a recent trip to the Children’s Museum (Natalie had been wanting to go for weeks – thanks Nana and Pop!)


Finally, thanks to Jordan for planning such a fun Mother’s Day, which included:

1. Elliott sleeping in until 5:55.  (Okay, Jordan probably didn’t plan this one, but it was a treat!)

2. A family bike ride, to a playground with a packed lunch

3. An hour work-out at the gym

4. A trip out for ice cream (Natalie’s idea on a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day)

5. A locket with pics of the two best kids in the world

6. A picture album showcasing Elliott (to match the two that I’ve gotten for Natalie)

We never got a pic of both kids and me.  Not for lack of trying.  Natalie showed a grumpy face a lot.  At least for me.  She really enjoyed a walk to get ice cream (pic 1)… and the thought of giving Issy a walk home (pic 2).



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