We’ve got a walker!

We’ve got a walker!  Elliott’s been a bona fide walker for at least a week – a full two months earlier than his big sister (aka Nah-Nah, his 3rd word).  That may b/c he is desperate to keep up with her.  Or, perhaps he’s desperate for outrunning his dad, as was the case at the park tonight.

Combine the walking with a love for nakedness and bike helmets (both modeled after his big sister), and you have a whole lot of cuteness walking around in our house.



Just try to catch me Mom!



Pause.  Short break to check out this awesome dryer.

These two have spent even more time together than usual, as hand foot and mouth hit preschool last week – and therefore, our house this week.  Poor Elliott has a lot of sores on his legs.  Good news is that once the fever breaks, you’re clear, so we can still have visitors this week. (Consider that my PSA b/c the info online is rather unclear about when kids are “in the clear”.)



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