20 Questions… around Homelessness

At bedtime tonight, Natalie asked a series of questions, which ended up in a discussion on homelessness.  I think this was spurred by our awesome nanny Alison, who had the great idea of baking muffins for the firefighters.  They baked yesterday and delivered today.  The firefighters loved the muffins and showed the kids around.  They even sat in a fire truck.  It was Elliott’s dream day.  I’m not totally doing this story justice.  Sorry.  Anyways, back to Natalie’s questions….

Natalie: Why did we leave our old home?

Mom: We needed more space.

Natalie: But I really miss it.

Mom: What do you miss?

Natalie: The long hallway for running.  We only have a short hallway here.

Mom: Yes, that’s true, but we can run around the couch here and throw balls down the stairs.

Natalie: Why don’t some people have houses?

Mom: (Please forgive my imperfect attempt at answering these rather challenging questions to a 4-year-old.)  People need money to have a house and sometimes they don’t have a job or don’t have a job that pays them enough to have a house.  So, we need to help so that people can get good paying jobs.

Natalie: What if we didn’t have a home?

Mom: Don’t worry.  Daddy and Mommy went to college, so we can always get a good paying job.  We are really lucky.  We will always have a home.  And, if we ever didn’t, we could live with Nana and Pop or Grandma and Grandpa.  Isn’t that nice?

Natalie: Yes. What if people didn’t have family or friends to live with?

Mom: Well, sometimes there are shelters that people can live in.  God tries to find many ways to take care of people.  That’s why we need to help by giving money at church or making lunches for homeless people.

Natalie: Yeah, we can make lunches.  Like broccoli, peas, salad.  Sandwiches.  With a little cheese. And a little turkey.

Mom: Yes, I know our church makes lunches for homeless people.  Do you want me to look into us being able to help?

Natalie: Yes, but what if they don’t let us have the food I want.

Mom: Well, let me check the rules.  Sometimes, they might even add an extra thing.  Likea  cookie.

Natalie: Yes, we should give a cookie!

Mom: Okay, I’ll email them.

Natalie: Why don’t people have homes?

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