Pool time

We live really close to an awesome swimming center so we signed the kids up for lessons.  The best part is that they must keep the water at 95 degrees, so neither Jordan nor I dread jumping in with Elliott.  Here are Natalie and Elliott the first day of class….

Let's go!

Natalie is no longer this smiley on swim class days – she really doesn’t like getting her eyes and head wet (“zooms” under water are the worst, in her opinion), so we’ve taken to a far amount of negotiating.  Even with the carrot of a new Princess Sophia figurine every class that she gets her eyes/head wet 3 times, she still tries to delay, stall, and avoid.  For example, last week, she claimed she had to go to the bathroom, so she hopped out of the pool.  (When the actual visit to the bathroom is lacking action, its easy to detect that stall technique.)  Later, she simply hopped out, and when I went to go ask the teacher what he recommended – I’d even pick her up and toss her back in, she went behind my back, grabbed the towel and just started walking away.  Her teacher caught up to her half way across the pool deck.  It was pretty funny.


Jordan and I trade off weeks for who goes in the pool with Elliott.  He is pretty eager for the first 15 minutes, but then tires – especially with Jordan, who gives him a tough work out.  Last week, Jordan asked Elliott to show me how he could monkey climb along side the pool and Elliott’s arms were so tired, he hung on as long as he could and then just let go, sinking under the water.  I’m chuckling even as I type this, as his facial expression was priceless.  He didn’t even have an ounce of energy to complain or protest – he was just 110% worn out.  (Obviously, Jordan was 1 inch away and “rescued” our tired son.)

So, $20 to the person who can guess which of our kids graduated to the next level… 🙂  Jordan and I decided to take the next session off though, as Saturday morning battles about going to the swim pool are not our cup of tea.  Maybe a summer session – could the nanny do it?!? 🙂

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