Literary Connections

Natalie loves to read – and I love when she makes connections between stories, or between something happening in her life and a story.  However, these literary connections are starting to backfire on me.  Case and point:

When I asked Natalie to clean her body while in the shower (instead of just playing around and/or cleaning her brother), she said something along the lines of: “Mom, this is reminding me of Merida (from Brave).  Her mom wanted her to get married but she didn’t want – and didn’t have to because it was her body.  And this is my body – I don’t have to clean my body right now because its my body.”

(And, I promise, this truly was a literary connection – she hasn’t watched the movie. has a story you can read for free for every Disney princess).

She proceeded to make another connection to Frozen, which is escaping me at this point.

My rebuttal was something along the lines of princesses still need to have clean bodies.

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