Fun Jan & Feb pictures

Here are some fun pictures from Jan & Feb… on my awesome new phone, courtesy of my hubby!  My phone is bigger than I’d like, but the picture and video quality is impossible to compete with (for a phone)!

Despite the frigid weather, Natalie and Elliott often like to give a concert on the little step from the garage to the house:


Natalie’s first library card. She was so excited. It took her two months to get up the nerve to ask! (The birthday shirt was just a coincidence – no, there’s not a minimum age requirement to getting a card!)

Card carrying member - of the Chicago Public Library!

The Frozen craze continues…. at a recent play date at Natalie’s best friend Finnoula’s house, the girls kindly swapped Elsa dresses.  Never mind the meltdown that ensued at the end of the play date, regarding a miscommunication about swapping dresses for the long weekend.

Hi - I'm Elsa. Have you met my best friend, Elsa?

When Natalie’s at preschool, Elliott and I will occasionally visit Aunt Jira and Clayton.  Elliott is always a little confused as to why Issy, Nana and Pop aren’t there, but he still likes to have full run of Clayton’s toys and the house in general.

Cars, cars, and more cars - Clayton and I definitely share this interest!

Didn't you know all great executives chew on their fingers when they are teething?!?


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