Happy 34th Birthday, Dada!

We celebrated Jordan’s 34th birthday this past week.  My parents gave him some early bday presents (including his fav beer – Spotted Cow) the prior weekend.  The day before, Jordan’s parents and brother’s family came over for dinner and a very special birthday cake – chocolate cake, with peanut butter frosting, and lots of amazing decorations!  In following with birthday tradition, Natalie insisted on birthday waffles, although Jordan quietly passed on them, given the gluttonous prior evening.

Ooo... let's help Dada!

Ooo… let’s help Dada!

d bday 2 d bday 3 d bday 4 d bday 5I’ve been lucky to spend 12 of the 13 birthdays in which I’ve known Jordan with him.  Samples include: 23rd – spelunking in a cave in Kentucky, 26th – surprise party with Kellogg friends at Tilli’s in Lincoln Park (now closed and re-opened as a different restaurant), 29th – Indy 500 race when it was 90+ degrees and I was secretly pregnant (not secret from Jordan – but secret from everyone else since I was less than 3 months), 30th – birthday party in Indy generously hosted at the Bolings and included Jordan’s 30 favorite things…. But the ones of most recent, although less extravagant, are amazingly awesome, as it is a privilege to celebrate Jordan not only as a husband/friend but as the world’s best dad.  It’s so fun to see the kids – particularly – Natalie so excited to celebrate with him.

Another humorous contrast over the years…. the first time I gave Jordan a birthday present, it was for his 22nd birthday – and I mailed him a set of martini glasses.  This year, I surprised him with a nice area rug for the living room – and I think he was equally excited for both.  (Selection credit goes to Nana – thanks for your help in picking and transporting!)

Click to see last year’s birthday pictures – super cute (Jordan too, but he looks about the same – it’s mostly amazing to see how much littler they were a year ago!) ones: http://linvilleusa.com/2014/06/4248/

d bday 6 d bday 7


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