Little Boody

At 2 years, 2 months, Elliott is in prime time cuteness.  There’s so much I could share, but since my binge blogging this weekend is the first time I’ve posted in 2 months, I figured I’ll just share some cute pics and random stories.

So, how adorable is that baseball hat?  Unfortunately, it only lasted 3 minutes, but maybe I can build up his endurance, especially since his hair is so light and not very thick for these summer months.  (But you gotta love those curls, right?!?  I’m OBSESSED.)  Speaking of obsession, one of Elliott’s obsessions is ketchup.  Have you ever tried it on broccoli or apples?  If not, Elliott would highly recommend it.

Yum - ketchup

Yum – ketchup

A second obsession… Elliott loves all things transportation – when he wakes up early in the morning, his favorite is to grab a cup of O’s and have me read him a truck book book on the couch.  He is always listening for the Metra train outside our house.  Two weeks ago, he insisted Allison take him on the train multiple days in a row.  And, just on Saturday, he got to visit the Museum of Science and Industry with Grandpa and Dad (while the girls were at the Cinderella movie.)  Jordan said they had to stop by the trains (see below) 3x.

Trains, trains and more trains

Trains, trains and more trains

This face is hereditary – my mom, Natalie, Elliott and I all do it.  Its our thinking face – when we’re not quite sure the answer or aren’t immediately able to make a decision.  This leads me back to his 3rd – 5th obsession…. his O’s cup, the color blue and the color green.  (All captured in the blue and green o-cup in the bottom of this pic.)

Hmmm.... let me think about that

Hmmm…. let me think about that

Another obsession…. time with Mama.  I cannot say I mind.  (Unless, he’s hanging off my leg when I’m trying to leave the house to go for a run.)  Most often, the obsession feeling is mutual.  He gives the absolute best “Mama, you’re home from work!!!!!!” hugs I could ever ask for.  When I walk up the stairs, he runs at me full speed and throws his arms around me.  If I could only bottle some of that for when he is 8 – or 18 – and isn’t quite as (outwardly) excited to see me.

Mama, why did you let me miss my nap today?  I can barely stay awake for this boat trip

Mama, why did you let me miss my nap today? I can barely stay awake for this boat trip

e chatting
(This little sneaky face is after he snatched Grandma’s phone this weekend.)

I am so lucky to be this boy’s mama!!!

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