Notes about Natalie

Natalie almost never takes naps any more, but she took one today – which means she is having trouble falling asleep.  She asked me to lay with her for awhile tonight –  its fun to hear what she thinks about.  Tonight, “Why do we have earwax?”  (I didn’t know the answer to this – I promised her I’d look it up and let her know tomorrow.  Wikipedia explains that its 20-50% fat and it coats the ear canal to moisturize it, fight off infection and help keep dust, dirt and other debris from getting deep inside our ears.)

This girl is such a cutie – so much style and personality, which is often creative, often sweet but also short tempered, especially if an “injustice” has occurred (e.g. her twerpy little bro taking a magna tile from her.)  I’m so lucky to be her mama.

You're never fully dressed without a smile.... and leggings, and a scarf, and slippers, and....

You’re never fully dressed without a smile…. and leggings, and a wrap turned into a scarf, and wrist scarfs and slippers….

And you nails painted...

And your nails painted…

...and some good dance moves on the roof top

…and some good dance moves on the roof top

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