After a month hiatus, which included a temporary new job (b/c my boss left), 4th of July in the burbs, our 10-yr anniversary, a couple family birthdays, our nanny’s vaca and probably countless other things, here’s some much-needed cuteness:

The John Deere Tractor is Elliott’s favorite part of the zoo:

Just gotta drive my tractor....

Just gotta drive my tractor….

Natalie, her bff, her bff’s mom and I saw Natalie’s first real play – Little Mermaid at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre:

Wow - a real mermaid!?!?  Finnoula, isn't this amazing???

Wow – a real mermaid!?!? Finnoula, isn’t this amazing???

After missing Natalie during her 2-hour art class, Elliott was more than happy to reunite with his bff.  He is such a little imitator – always doing everything his sis wants to do.

I see you!!!

I see you!!!

Come on, El... this way!

Come on, El… this way!

We celebrated Clayton’s 2nd birthday!  The dino theme was (surprisingly – due to Natalie’s “fear” of dinos) was a hit.  The take-home present was a blow-up dinosaur – “Diney” – even went to Lake Geneva with us on vacation.

Happy Birthday, Little Couz!

Happy Birthday, Little Couz!

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