Wisco Wilderness

We had a wonderful weekend trip to Fontana, WI, with my family.  (Credit on finding the place still goes to my lovely in-laws, but thankfully, they don’t seem to mind too much that my parents have also gone there with us, since the drive from Chicago is so much closer).  I think every person we met was from the suburbs of Chicago – including the nice family that let Elliott “drive” their boat.  The only downside to this wonderful weekend away was that I got bit by a horsefly.  I’m not sure how its possible to get a horsefly bite when you’re practically in a suburb of Chicago – and not at all the “wilderness of Wisconsin” as I know it – but it still happened.  The kids – especially Natalie – loved swimming…. she slept in and wanted to take naps nearly everyday, after 6+ hours in the pool.  Thanks G&G!

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