A boy after his mom’s heart

2.5 years old but  is one of my favorite ages.  Elliott still adores us and has an increasing amount of spunk in his personality.  He has started developing a bedtime routine of procrastination that I have fallen for, hook, link and sinker.

His bed is covered in stuffed animals – including a Teddy Bear from godmother Leah.  He has his 1 Leopard Lovey and 2 RoRos (blue robots – one new, one old).  He insists on having his toes covered, so we tuck a blanket into his crib, so he can be just like the big people in our house.

Then, we move onto singing.  His favorite song is a poo poo truck song, which I’ve had to make up, since I obviously didn’t previously know songs about trucks or garbage.  Then, he moves onto Daydream.  I lay next to the crib on the floor and he tries all sorts of ways to engage me… dropping RoRo on the floor, trying to kiss me through the rails, holding my hand.  He always asks for just “2 more minutes”.  And he often comes up with additional procrastination techniques, like “I’m thirsty” to “Where’s RoRo?” to “I need the fan on” to “Too dark”.  Tonight, in desperation, when I was leaving the room he shouts out “Mama!”  I ask him what he needs… “Prayers”.  So we said another round of prayers (Jordan had already said the first round).

I realize this post is probably cutest to me (and probably Mammaw b/c she is the softest-hearted person I know) but I just want to remember it.

Choo choo!

Choo choo!

"I win!  I'm fast Mommy"

“I win! I’m fast Mommy”

He also had his 2.5 year appointment…. 33 lbs (75th percentile), 50-75th percentile in height and off the charts for head size.  (Shocker – you may note that his toddler helmet above is way too small)

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  1. Mammaw says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these delightful pictures. We love being a part of your families activities although we are so far away, you make us feel so blessed. It is especially wonderful to be with you all when we come to Chicago. You and Jordan and Jira and Alex are doing such a great job in raising your children, it is, by far, the most important job you have. God bless and keep you, Mammaw

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